Nude, oil-covered thief caught

Nude ManFor months, villagers in the Kampung Tawas area of Malaysia had lived in fear of the orang minyak, a dread creature from Malay folk tales who was terrorising their town. But now police have caught the demon – and it turns out that it was a naked bloke covered in engine oil.

The orang minyak – Malay for ‘oily man’ – is one of the best known and most feared folk tales in Malaysian culture: a naked, supernatural being covered in oil, who would go around raping virgins.

The fake orang minyak, on the other hand, was an unemployed man in his twenties who would strip naked, cover himself in engine oil, and break into houses. Police believe he may have been responsible for around 20 burglaries in the past two months.

He was eventually caught by a police surveillance operation, after locals had tol authorities of their fears about orang minyak.

Supt Lai Yong Heng of the Ipoh district police said: ‘We are puzzled why the suspect would cover his whole body with engine oil.’

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9 Comments on “Nude, oil-covered thief caught”

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